Tuesday 23 October 2012

Hen's Night Party.Dares

Hello! Much apologies for the hiatus. Was away in Taiwan :)

Now that I'm back. I'm getting ready for my best friend's Hen's Night which is TONIGHT

As I gather ideas online. Decided to place some on my blog for future reference.
(Can't be too over though. Else her 'husband' might come after me)
Those in bold are under my consideration :)

• Have a shot without using your hands          - Too easy?
• Swap an article of clothing with a man         - If they have a jacket. Its too easy?
• Get a male to give you his knickers (Y front and boxers!)       - Too kinky?
• Get the phone number of a man whose name begins with a vowel        
• Find a guy to practice the Bridal Waltz with
• Wear a bra on the outside of your clothes  - Good if its a private slumber party girls night out.
• pinch five strangers’ bums (male or female!) - In Singapore, we might get sued.
• Get a piggy back ride around the bar          
• Find a condom off a stranger and blow it up -gosh! Gross!
• Do a sexy dance on a table
• Do a chicken dance around the bar
• Find a man with the same shoe size as hubby to be - smelly feet then how?
• Kiss the next man who walks into the room (on the cheek!) - Her husband might come after me.
• rub face in a guy’s hairy chest - Yucks.
• kiss the first guy with a moustache (on the cheek!) - Her husband might come after me.
• find a pole or column and work it like a stripper
• do a body shot - Too easy?
• go for a wizz in men’s toilets - In Singapore, we might get sued.
• Ask a guy to remove his shirt.
• Blow a kiss to a random guy from across the room
• ask a male to buy you a drink
• ask a male to paint your toe nails
Get a man to let you put lipstick on him
Whine someone up in a funny voice 
•  Grab a person and become a living statue for 30 seconds – the rest of the group should decide what you should imitate
•  Order a drink in a foreign accent.  
•  Get something worth $5 or over for free.

Thought of some other ideas of my own 
- Take a Polaroid of her of all expression. Get a different guy to comment on it, sign on it and put a kiss on it ( with lip stick)
- Ask a guy to kiss her hand like a prince to a princess
- Sing to random person and give them a hug
- Get 2 children to give you a peck on the check
- Try to get a guy to feed you

Okay. Time to start the preparation.
Hope she's sporty enough :)

Tuesday 9 October 2012

[Sponsored] 2D1N Genting Highlands with the Nuffies

Thanks to Nuffnang, The night before I could't sleep because of the excitement. Though I have been to Genting perhaps 5 years ago, I heard there has been lots of changes. And making it ever more exciting was that its a trip with bloggers.

Some people have look upon bloggers with disdain remarking on how we must have so much time on hand and we do not know how to kill. But to us bloggers, our blogs serve as a medium for us to voice out our interest, showcase whats happening around Singapore and because we truly just write writing and taking of photographs. Its a past time that will accompany us throughout the rest of our life I believe. As we age, the topics may change but blogging will still part of our life.

Waking up in the wee hours of 5am,together with Joey and Ruiting we got onto a taxi and made our way to the meet-up point : Beachroad where our 5 star Coach was waiting for us.

After many many rounds of turning up the slopes, we finally reached Genting Highlands! With such nice weather being our greeting. It was a good start to a great holiday break.

With our stomachs growling after the bus ride,  we deposited our bags with the porter and made our way down to our first meal @ Good Friends Restaurant (好友记). - Location: Highlands Hotel, Genting Highlands. You'll spot it by the lanterns below.
 Then walking straight ahead, You'll see its Signboard.
Here's what we ate

My favorites are: The Asparagus Lily Bulbs and Spare Ribs with Chef's Sauce and Beancurd with Crab egg sauce. I nearly devoured the whole 3 dishes. Oh, and the dessert was a good ending to the meal

 The rest are also yummy but the above 3 still makes me crave for it. 
I'm sure you all understand what I mean.

[ Bloggers in Action ] 
I was on the same table as Ruiting, Silver, Joey, Denise, Melissa, Peishi, Karmen and Cookie( Hope I didn't miss anyone out) - the great thing about such outings is to know bloggers from all different walks of life - actress, designers, teachers, students and more.

After the fulfilling meal, we were given our room keys and we made our way to the hotel rooms. 
Here's the scenery facing our rooms! Awe-struck right? Our toilets too!
Was planning to chill out in the room but because we only had one day for shopping. 
We quickly gathered our things and went 'charging' out to the malls. 

After shopping for close to 2 hours, we were thinking of going to the strawberry farm. However we were told it would take 2 hours up and down the cable.  Was also thinking of going to the theme park, but my recent fear of rides stopped me. Sat on one of Bangkok dilapidated rides, where the safety bar holding me in place, fell loose and I truly thought I would be one of those on the newspaper - dropping out of the ride and being mangled in the air. (That thought still horrifies me)

Making it worse, we had mistakenly thought we were meeting at 6pm instead of 8pm, and when we realized we had arrived too early. We decided to check out the nearby cafes which showcased amazing pastries. Its a girl thing to not be able to resist 'beautiful' things I realize. (haha)

We had the raspberry Moulin Rouge. I loved it. A tingle of sourness from the raspberry and the sweetness from the cake - what a fabulous mix. 

But the sad thing was that even though there was internet (which you get the code upon purchase of an item), it seemed to be limited to a few. So we walked down a little to the coffeebean cafe. Internet was superb. And we couldn't resist getting another cake-Orea Cookie Cake-  which was delicious but I found a little too sweet.
However I was careful to make myself too full for dinner later because....
we were going to Ming Ren 名人 the Xinjiang Speciality Restaurant which i heard such good reviews about. Its just beside Good friend restaurant. Dinner time came! 

Boy did it not disappoint. I loved most of the dishes except the dessert ( which is something you'll never taste anywhere else but just not to my liking) - (Haha - One of the bloggers was hilarious where she tried to be polite saying she was pregnant hence can't eat ice cream -You Know who! haha) But she thus gave us a chance to try another dessert. It was a mix of Jelly and mint (If I didnt remember it wrongly) It was refreshing!

My favorites were  
Boiled Yam and Papaya Soup 
Stir-fried scallops with Lily Bulbs, Sweet Corn and Hawaiian Nuts 
Xinjiang flavored Rice steam with Lemon Grass, Tumeric, Ginger, Garlic and Shallots,
Stir-fried French Beans with Shrimp and Chili 
Stir-fried Sliced Lamb with Potatoes and Curry Sauce
Golden Crispy Fried Prawns dressed with Fruits and cooked with Wasabi 
Spicy Roasted Chicken    

For the rest, its fresh but a little too strong taste for my liking
Baked Mackerel served with Japanese BBQ sauce  
Roasted Xinjiang Lamb Leg  

And of course photos of the famous dessert.
After the heavy meal, some went to the casinos, some went bowling while my group went to KTV-ing. Favorite past time. Was a great time singing!

The next morning, it was planned for an excursion to the new attraction, Snow World at Genting.In the summer of Malaysia! 

Even before we stepped in, the cold air blew at our body and feet while we changed into the gear trying to cover every space that could cause us to feel colder. But this was the fun! Specially for people who have not gone to Winter places, this is the replica!

We went in to throw snow ball, hide in the igloo, made snowman and more.

We had our lunch at the Lobby Cafe @ First World Hotel. It was the to-be place for all local food. 
Wanted taste everything there!

Ending our lunch before our long journey back to Singapore, we pampered ourselves with the desserts and cakes there too! Deliciosa!


Genting! I'll be back soon! Wait for me!



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