Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Hen's Night Party.Dares

Hello! Much apologies for the hiatus. Was away in Taiwan :)

Now that I'm back. I'm getting ready for my best friend's Hen's Night which is TONIGHT

As I gather ideas online. Decided to place some on my blog for future reference.
(Can't be too over though. Else her 'husband' might come after me)
Those in bold are under my consideration :)

• Have a shot without using your hands          - Too easy?
• Swap an article of clothing with a man         - If they have a jacket. Its too easy?
• Get a male to give you his knickers (Y front and boxers!)       - Too kinky?
• Get the phone number of a man whose name begins with a vowel        
• Find a guy to practice the Bridal Waltz with
• Wear a bra on the outside of your clothes  - Good if its a private slumber party girls night out.
• pinch five strangers’ bums (male or female!) - In Singapore, we might get sued.
• Get a piggy back ride around the bar          
• Find a condom off a stranger and blow it up -gosh! Gross!
• Do a sexy dance on a table
• Do a chicken dance around the bar
• Find a man with the same shoe size as hubby to be - smelly feet then how?
• Kiss the next man who walks into the room (on the cheek!) - Her husband might come after me.
• rub face in a guy’s hairy chest - Yucks.
• kiss the first guy with a moustache (on the cheek!) - Her husband might come after me.
• find a pole or column and work it like a stripper
• do a body shot - Too easy?
• go for a wizz in men’s toilets - In Singapore, we might get sued.
• Ask a guy to remove his shirt.
• Blow a kiss to a random guy from across the room
• ask a male to buy you a drink
• ask a male to paint your toe nails
Get a man to let you put lipstick on him
Whine someone up in a funny voice 
•  Grab a person and become a living statue for 30 seconds – the rest of the group should decide what you should imitate
•  Order a drink in a foreign accent.  
•  Get something worth $5 or over for free.

Thought of some other ideas of my own 
- Take a Polaroid of her of all expression. Get a different guy to comment on it, sign on it and put a kiss on it ( with lip stick)
- Ask a guy to kiss her hand like a prince to a princess
- Sing to random person and give them a hug
- Get 2 children to give you a peck on the check
- Try to get a guy to feed you

Okay. Time to start the preparation.
Hope she's sporty enough :)

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