Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Campus changemaker grant

Newspaper article today: national youth council funding programme - to support students on community involvement projects ; aims to nurture leaders by providing funding and backing to youngsters keen to implement projects in their school or neighborhood - campus changemaker grant.

Each project has to be approved by a panel of fellow students from the school itself and who are trained by NYC on the criteria to meet. The grant is for 80 percent of total cost and capped at $1500 per project.

Ideas that have come up from this :
-Encouraging singaporeans to embrace use of paper bags to trim excessive use of plastic types which is harmful for the environment.
- making of musical instrument
- invite elderly residents to try hydroponics ( without soil) farming
- help elderly participants to draw or paint an art piece about the happiest moment of their life
- social entrepreneurship talks
- stage a fund raising sport event and donation drive

Even though their ideas seem fuzzy to me . The intention is a good start - where as the students get involved in these projects they will find meaning and fulfillment in doing so and if they want to continue then it's a contribution to the community and society.

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