Thursday, 19 April 2012

The Singapore Woman Award 2012

Thanks to YWLC , I had the privilege to attend this year's "The Singapore Woman Award 2012" and witness the strength of these 3 wonderful women winners:
Once again Congratulations! Ms Theresa Tan, Ms Bridget Tan and Ms Cassandra Chiu for winning the Singapore Woman Award 2012.

Up first is Ms Cassandra Chiu Mei Mei who lost her sight since she was 8 due to an degenerative eye condition called Stargardt. In the narration video, she mentioned certain things that struck a chord in my heart and reminded me how I should treasure what I have and possess.
 1. Focus on your abilities rather than your disabilities.
2. Do well in what you are capable of doing ; Rather than lamenting on your weakness

How true right? When politics at work or 'bad' people come and push you down, it makes you doubt on your strength and sometimes get discouraged and disappointed on what you do not have. And we forget what we have that make us unique as who we are. Everyone has strengths and weakness, let the strength be your pillar. No one can push you down unless you allow them to do so. And because she does not have her sight- She faces more challenge as a mother who can use their sight to notice their children and do things for them. - She faces more challenge as a jobseeker because people cannot get pass their colored lenses and accept her fearful of the limitations.
She ended off with a strong line: Empower and do something else for others. 
Nothing is impossible if you set your heart to anything. 

Now she has set up her own counseling business Safe Harbour. And has gotten her Masters in Social Science Professional Counseling. She has also gone on to become become a proficient bowler and has represented Singapore in regional swimming competitions like the Far East and South Pacific Games for the Disabled or Fespic. She has also won two awards for her voluntary work with the Singapore Association for the Visually Handicapped. She also provides pro-bono counselling services to other members and helps out at the Association's events as emcee or performer.

Who says anything about disability. Its what you make of This-ability.
And next up: Ms Theresa Tan Lee San. In 2010, Theresa discovered she had breast cancer and went through a mastectomy but she still passionately lives life as a loving wife, a nurturing mother of three, a committed friend, a reputable editor of magazines, and the owner of Word Agency where she provided writing and editing services to agency, publications and corporations. And most importantly the reason I think she won was because she turned this problem into awareness - speaking out to help other women make sure they were insured against all the stages of cancer. .

Noting specially on the lack of awareness of young women about breast cancer- she set up a blog ( to educate on its implications, and on essential insurance matters that hadn't been addressed.

One thing I remember from the speech is that: She shared that things happen for a reason and this is the life given and so we should make the best out of it. She believes that her condition should not control her and that the illness should not stop her from living a fulifilling life. To prove her point, she went on completing 82km in seven races in 2011, including the Standard Chartered Half Marathon.

Personally I had heard a few experiences from people who fought through breast cancer. Some of them went through depression - as they felt that they had lost their femininity and identity as a female, as a mother, as a wife. And for those with young children, they fear not being able to live and family and so on. For all families who have gone through cancer patients, I truly salute all of you for your dedication and love. Remember that every smile and encouragement and hug goes a long way to the recovery of the patients. Cheers!

And last up: Ms Brigette Tan Teck Sim.
In 2004, Bridget founded HOME, a welfare organisation dedicated to providing assistance such as food, shelter, and emotional support to migrant workers from the Philippines, Bangladesh, Indonesia, India, and China who face difficulty in Singapore. Under her leadership, HOME runs helpdesks, two shelters, and a skills-training institute offering vocational courses. Over the past 7 years, HOME has provided direct assistance to more than 50,000 men and women migrants and victims of human trafficking and forced labour.
I think she won for her compassion to the community -whom people take little notice of.

Guests were also treated to a fashion show where Mediacorp Radio personalities dressed in Robinson’s apparel play fashion runway models for a night.    Entertaining guests last night included Hossan Leong. Gold 90.5FM’s Producer-Presenter, Denise Tan as well as Runner Up of the third season of Singapore Idol, Sylvia Ratonel.

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