Sunday, 29 July 2012

SHINE Project Communi' bake!2012

Last Sunday, I was at Singapore Expo Hall 3 participating in Project Communi'Bake 2012 (Part of Shine Youth Festival) .

Through this project, the main idea comes about gathering Singapore youths together to "bake,care and share". It is a project driven by youths for youths and is an initiative of the Ayer Rajah Youth Executive Committee (YEC). The purpose of the project is to create a common platform for Singaporeans to reach out and support the under-privileges, showing care and concern together as an inclusive society.

To celebrate our nation's birthday, 20,000 cupcakes decorated with different colored pastel icings were used to create a mosaic featuring the Singapore's national flag. It strongly represented how we Singapore is united by love, regardless of our race, our background etc.- design synonymous to the NDP theme "Loving Singapore, Our Home"

With this project, they also aim to make it memorable by entering the Guinness World of Records and Singapore Book of Records.

Initially I had thought we would be baking, but the cupcakes were baked by other youths and also the bakers who worked around the clock - volunteering their time and efforts. Thumbs Up! As volunteers, we were primarily involved in the icing.

Because I was on the 2nd shift,meaning 10am-1230pm shift, I could see the image slowly forming and it was such an excitement. And seeing how all the youths work together to make it come true. Absolutely amazing. And not to worry about wasting food, because upon completion, the 20,000 cupcakes will be distributed to selected welfare organizations.

Sill not fully awake because it was a Sunday morning, we were first briefed on the icing procedure and the hygiene importance.

To make sure the food is 'fully protected' , look at the steps that were taken.


After putting on our safety gears, we were brought to a cordoned area where the sheets of icing were passed to us. Then we had to flour it on both sides so it will not stick to the plastic sheet, then use the circle cutter to cut the shapes then put it on the muffins, press it gently for it to envelope the cupcake. So beautiful!

Once the box is filled, someone comes to collect it to be passed over to the mosaic arranging area.

As bit by bit the mosaic starts to take its shape- one by one carefully placed in its position.
At 3.30pm or so, most of the cupcakes were in place. Awaiting the moment of breaking the record, 
 Broke the record!!
Was delighted to be part of this effort. And once again, Hip Hip Hurray for Singapore!
Will always be praying for you my dear country.
Grow strong and united.
God place each one of us here for a purpose. 

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