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Stand Up for Singapore -9th Aug 2012

A few days ago on my trek in Malaysia, I met a fellow trekker whose parents are from Taiwan, but she was born in New Zealand, and she had been working in Shanghai then Hong Kong and just last year, she moved over to Singapore. We were talking about the recent issues in Singapore - such as MRT Squeeze, foreigners, change of mindsets of the current generation, expectations and more.

On the topic of MRT Squeeze, we were unable to understand how Singaporeans were complaining because we had experienced first hand, what sardines or tunas in cans feel like. The squeeze in Shanghai, Hong Kong and India is truly not a joke. Specially India. When I was commuting to work each day on the train in India, I did not need a supporting stand at all because with all the people sticking to one another, very stable. And when It was my stop, I leaned forward with my weight so I can push my way through and quickly 'jump' off before the train can come to a stop - because if I had waited till the train stop, the incoming crowd will push me back up and I would not have been able to get down. (Technique: Continue running after you 'jump' off  - will allow you to move together with the momentum /gravitation pull from the train.) Okay, enough all of these dangerous lifestyle 'stunts'.

For me, I'm thankful for what Singapore is and has been. True, there can be improvements, but it all starts from us and not just the government. Every tiny change or good we do, makes the world a better place, makes Singapore a better place. Its very easy to complain - but how about making a change via action? So... when I saw this simple movement created by 3 friends - I signed up.
"Standing up for people that matters"
Question: What would it take from us to make Singapore a great city?

(Random Thought: Had gotten into a discussion with my friends during the last political voting period.  Whats the definition of a great city? Economics Growth? Welfare? There are always trade-offs and consequences. Have we made the right decision? No one knows till its carried out, ain't it? What are we willing to give up for the other. Right/Wrong?)

Putting all these aside. Lets do what we think is best for the society. To lend a helping hand ; To give some encouragements to the people around us. People we see on the roads. People we see in the trains. People everywhere and anywhere.

With own jobs, and responsibilities and similar problems, a small group of youth pulled this effort together in 3 weeks. They gathered family, friends, and friends of friends. They raised money. And They made what they thought impossible, possible.

This event requires 500 Singaporeans who are committed to start somewhere. This cause is to show love and graciousness to our elderly and our mothers ( * we still love you, dear fathers!) . Grateful to our elderly for the Singapore we have now. And we are thankful for our mothers ( Nowadays, Fathers too!)  who are vital in shaping the Singapore that is to come ( us - the next incoming generation).

Stand Up For Our Singapore from Big Red Button on Vimeo.

You too might have a vision for Singapore. A more loving place. A more gracious place. A more creative place. A more inspiring place. We believe that you too can start somewhere. And this cause has a sincere hope which is to inspire you to stand for Singapore too.
We ask that on National Day, and in our years ahead, join us in believing in a better Singapore. Join us in believing that it really starts with You.

Date: National Day - 9th August 2012 (Thursday)
Time: 11am
Venue: Scape Youth Park @ Orchard  [ Nearest MRT: Somerset MAP ]
(1) LIKE the page and understand about the journey you are gonna be embarking on! (
(2) Sign up as a volunteer on 9th August .
You can sign up here.
(3) Bring $5 (you will get a really lovely T-shirt)  and... YOU ARE ALL READY TO BE IN THE JOURNEY! :)
Let us stop pinpointing whose effort it should be to create a brighter future for Singapore.
Let it start within us.
Lets do it by ACTION rather than by words. Lets work together for the future of Singapore!

Ending off with my favorite National Day Song " Home"

English Version

Chinese Version

Whenever I am feeling low
I look around me and I know
There's a place that will stay within me
Wherever I may choose to go
I will always recall the city
Know every street and shore
Sail down the river which brings us life
Winding through my Singapore

This is home truly, where I know I must be
Where my dreams wait for me, where the river always flows
This is home surely, as my senses tell me
This is where I won't be alone, for this is where I know it's home

When there are troubles to go through
We'll find a way to start anew
There is comfort in the knowledge
That home's about its people too
So we'll build our dreams together
Just like we've done before
Just like the river which brings us life
There'll always be Singapore

Repeat Chorus x2
For this is where I know it's home
For this is where I know I'm home

Happy Birthday Singapore! 新加坡,生日快乐! 

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