Thursday, 20 September 2012

Winter Fashionista @ Genting (Soon!!!)

My friend moved to Korea recently because she is a person who loves the 4 seasons - the freedom to change your warddrobe every 4 months - for spring, autumn, summer and winter.

For me, I love every season for its individuality. 

Spring for its sunny feel.
Autumn for its red-green color feel.
Summer for its free sun tan feel.
Winter for keeping my face free from oil feel.

Been to 3 places during the winter - 1. South Korea ; 2. Japan 3. China (and soon maybe to the 'winter' in Malaysia)

So let me showcase what a fashion terrorist I am. Ta-Da!

If you're in Sunny Singapore and craving for a short 'winter' getaway , there's "SW" in the nearby state of Malaysia. Largest Winter Wonderland!

"SW" is the the theme park attraction Snow World that has now open up in Genting Island.  Snow rides to entertain you! There's also  new enchanted attraction that houses fantasies and wonders on a fairyland high at the peak! In SnowWorld, they have various attraction spots including a Winter Downtown, World Heritage concept and Play Slide. 

“So grab your kids, Go to RWG's website to book your winter holiday through RWG’s iHoliday booking engine now!”

LETSssss GoooOOOOooo!

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